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Most common media for dry and coarse dust - available in 100% Cellulose, Cell/Poly and Fire Retardant version.
High efficiency and open pleat design, available in high temperature construction.
Durable Media with Dimpled pleat design - excellent resistance to erosion. Available in PTFE and Aluminized finish.
Top and bottom access designs to retrofit most OEM baghouses. Available in Spun Bond, PTFE and Aluminized option.
Special filters designed to meet specific customer needs and market demand.

Pleated Bags

MPF Engineered Filters manufactures a wide range of pleated bags. The MPF pleated bag is available as a direct replacement or as a retrofit to an existing bag house. As a retrofit, the additional filter area in the pleated bag will improve the operation of the bag house by lowering the air-to-cloth ratio, increasing the ventilation, lowering the pressure drop, improving the filtration efficiency, etc.

MPF Pleated bags have the following unique features and benefits:

  • Spiral Welded Inner Core for added strength
  • Outer Bands for stability
  • Urethane Top and Bottom for ease of installation
  • Shallow pleats for effective cleaning
  • The MPF pleated bags are available in two styles with overall lengths up to 82” (208 cm) long:
  • Top Access Pleated Bags which will fit 6.0” (15.24 cm), 6.25” (15.875 cm) or 6.44” (16.35 cm) tube sheets. The installation of the MPF Top Access Cartridges is made simple with MPFs patented sealing method. To install the MPF Top Access Pleated Bag follow these simple steps:
  1. Insert the filter into the tube sheet
  2. Place the insert into the urethane boot
  3. Step ‘N’ Seal
  4. Installation Complete with a positive seal [ Not SealedPlease log in to view content, SEALEDPlease log in to view content ]
  5. To remove the cartridge Pop out the insert
  • 5” for retrofitting Micropul units.
  • 5.25” Long and Short boot for retrofitting Flex-Kleen units.

Bottom Access pleated bags are easily installed by following these simple steps:

[ Spun Bond polyester ]Please log in to view content is the most common filter media used in a bag replacement cartridge. For more demanding applications the following medias are also available:

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