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Most common media for dry and coarse dust - available in 100% Cellulose, Cell/Poly and Fire Retardant version.
High efficiency and open pleat design, available in high temperature construction.
Durable Media with Dimpled pleat design - excellent resistance to erosion. Available in PTFE and Aluminized finish.
Top and bottom access designs to retrofit most OEM baghouses. Available in Spun Bond, PTFE and Aluminized option.
Special filters designed to meet specific customer needs and market demand.


MPF Engineered Filters manufactures a diversified range of felt cartridges. These robust cartridges are designed to offer maximum performance, efficiency and filter life in the demanding process applications they are applied to. Felt cartridges are the cartridge of choice for high dust loadings, difficult agglomerating dusts or elevated temperatures. The configuration of the reinforced felt allows for better gas and dust distribution, permitting higher collection efficiency, effective cleaning and lower pressure drop.

MPF felt cartridges are available in a wide range of configurations including various end caps styles, lengths up to 36” (91.44 cm), gasket cross sections and media grades.

Built into every MPF felt cartridge are the following unique design features:

  • Spiral Welded Inner Core for added strength.
  • Expanded Metal Reinforced pleat. The filter media is co-pleated with a heavy duty expanded metal. This backing provides support for the filter media during filtration and reverse pulse cleaning.
  • Media Grades MPF has standardized on the following types of media and in each case the cartridge can be designed to handle the temperature limitations of the media:

Singed, self supported felt is the standard finish offered; however, for more demanding applications the following finishes are also available:

To maximize the performance of your dust collector MPF’s design team can assist in choosing the best options for your application. Retrofits are also available for the following OEM’s like Torit®, Farr®, BCP , and many more.

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